Brian Hooks

Prolific Actor, Producer, Writer, and Director

In addition to his starring roles in feature films (such as the 2008 smash hit, Fool’s Gold, with Matthew McConaughey) as well as television (most notably as a series regular on UPN’s Eve from 2003-06), Brian has also enjoyed remarkable success as a leading star, producer and director in numerous highly profitable independent films commencing in the 1990s.

Brian’s procession of straight-to-DVD films has been so wildly popular and successful throughout urban America that he was once anointed “The King of DVD” by the urban media. Currently, his production career remains as stirring as ever, as he’s released a horror film thriller, 7eventy5ive (2008) (where Brian also makes his directorial debut). He starred in FOX Studios series The Ropes (2012) produced by Vin Diesel, and he released the theatrical feature “Laughin’ to the Bank!” (2013) which was written, produced, directed, and starring Brian. In light of the convincing success of his many previous film and television endeavors, and supported by a solid urban movie fan base, considerable achievements undoubtedly remain on the horizon in the multi-dimensional career of Brian Hooks.