Contact Info
8605 Santa Monica Blvd #98258
West Hollywood, California 90069

Phone: (213) 296-3005
Email: mike.zhou@almostneverfilms.com

Business Description
We are an independent film company focused on film production and production related services in connection with genre specific motion pictures with production costs in the $5.0 million to $50.0 million range.

Our proposed business is to facilitate relationships (and as such, provide production related services) between creative talent (including writers, actors and directors) and companies who produce, finance and distribute motion pictures. We intend to acquire or license rights to materials upon which we believe motion pictures can be based (screenplays, books, short stories etcetera, which are referred to within the entertainment industry as the ?underlying property?). We may further develop an underlying property by contracting for additional writing services and/or by bringing in new writers to perform “polishes” or “rewrites” on a particular underlying property.

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